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The First Day

It's dreary and dark, but the smell of fresh coffee and rain are lifting my spirit. I can't believe it is already the first day of summer vacation.

Man, Oh Man! I've got big plans for this summer!


My boyfriend and I are planning to hike A LOT! Our goal is to hit as many of the Wisconsin Parks as possible. For Christmas I got us each a hammock, so that we can go "mocking" as the kids are calling it!


I will be working full time and focusing more on my side projects. Mostly posting on here and my social media to get in the habit of creating for whoever is interested in listening.

(Hey, that's you. Thanks for being here.)


During the School year I really tend to neglect everything that isn't required of me, which is really not healthy. Plus its not like once I have a big girl job I can just only do what is required of me!

Thanks for listening!

Love, AL

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