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F*#! 2020

For as long as I can remember I have used creativity to manage with my over abundance of emotions and to process the small traumas I have experienced thus far.

This time was no different. On Thursday night my garage was struck by lightning and started on fire. As the fire leaped closer and closer to my house I prayed that the lord would save my home. He did. All but the siding which melted from the heat and is easily replaced. Our home is still intact, but the event was still traumatic. Running without shoes, in the pouring rain, by the blaze of your family hangout is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

The next day I had two photoshoots schedule, one a senior session, the other a spooky Halloween shoot I had been prepping and anticipating for weeks.

The easy choice felt like to cancel. Stay in my pjs a little longer. Cry a little more. And eat spicy Cheetos on the couch.

I decided that using creativity to process this event was more important.

2020 put my family in the hospital with Covid, started my garage on fire, and then forced me to stand in the rain watching the fire grow...

That next day I decided I called the shots. I would use this phenomenon to my advantage. Thus these photos were born.

I hope you enjoy.

I hope this inspires you to grab 2020 and show it who’s boss.

We are still in control.

-Makeup and photos by Alonna Heller.

-Special thanks to my amazing models for the emotional support and being totally kick a$$.

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