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Staying In

Today as a practice of “social isolation” Ethan and I busted out the Wii. It’s been 10 years since I’ve played it. Ten years! When was the last time you played your Wii?

Surprisingly, we had so much fun. We started by playing Mario Party, then Wii sports, and now, as I write this blog and hold myself accountable to my goals, Ethan is playing Deer Drive. He wants me to tell you he has 75% shot accuracy. *insert eye roll*

All in all today was a good day. I forgot how much I enjoy playing video games. I’m so thankful we still have our Wii. I think I’ll keep it forever, so I can play it in another 10 years or the next time I have to “socially isolate”.

I hope if you are readying this you are healthy, happy, and have plenty of toilet paper!

p.s. I saw this photo on social media and I’m not 100% sure who to credit it to.

Chat soon! Love always,



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