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Movies to Check Out

Normally, I am not one to recommend movies. My family has never been into watching movies together, or alone. Ethan, however, has become my personal film critic. His family owns a lot of movies and he is disappointed in the amount that I haven't seen. Typically, when it comes to movies I'm pretty picky. Mainly because I have a hard time sitting in one place, doing nothing for an extended period of time. This has become a challenge for him. He knows what I like, and what I hate and seems to choose movies accordingly.

Let's just say now that we are social distancing, I am beginning to trust his judgment.

When I asked him what it was about he said. "It's about a guy whos in love with a girl." I thought okay, that's basically every movie ever. It's really about a guy, Mike, and his girlfriend, they appear to be "dead beats". They smoke a lot of weed. He works at the local grocery store, and she works at a title loan company. Mike spends a lot of his time working on a graphic novel titled Apollo Ape. He doesn't know that he has been trained to be a killing machine for the CIA. That's where all the good action and drama come in.

I had never heard of American Ultra before, but I would definitely recommend it now.

Ethan's rating: 8/10

- "It's definitely not super predictable."

Alonna's rating: 9/10

- "I cried."

This was another movie I had never heard of. I didn't ask what this one was about, because the night before we watched American Ultra and I was impressed with his choice. Dope is about a group of friends who are inspired by the 90s and live in a less than ideal neighborhood. It shows there struggles with bullies, drug dealers, and navigating being seniors in high school. The main character, Malcolm, ends up getting them in a pretty sticky situation. Overall, this movie gives the audience a unique perspective into life in the minority kids striving for a better future.

Ethan's rating: 9.5/10

- "Wholesome messages and extremely entertaining. Always on the edge of your seat."

Alonna's rating: 10/10

- "I cried, again."

This was my pick, and Ethan was impressed. I have been seeing people talk about the book Stargirl for years! So when I saw it was on Disney+ I clicked play without asking for input. Stargirl follows the story of a free-spirited girl. Her unique perspective on life brings joy and moral to a dull high school and town, where nothing ever happens. Overall, this story promotes the importance of being your most authentic self.

Ethan's rating: 8/10

- "Boys stick it out. I cried."

Alonna's rating: 9/10

- "Too much singing. I cried A LOT!"

Chat soon!

Love always,



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