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SOO many people have been asking how to pair fonts, so I put together this guide with some quick dos & don'ts to get non-designers started designing professional visuals. Of course, all rules need to be broken sometimes! However, these will provide you a little guidance to get started!

Do - Use multiple styles of ONE font.

This means you can pair normal with italics, bold with normal, or even change the size to create variation in your design.

Do - mix one "professional" font with one "fun" font

We all have seen the designs that get a little carried away by either being too fun, or too boring. Using a mixture of these fonts can create a captivating design and help you show the personality behind your brand.

Now for the Don'ts.

Don't - Mix two handwritten fonts.

I think the graphic speaks for itself on this one. When you pair two handwritten fonts the graphic becomes overwhelming to look at. Sure, both individually are fun and beautiful! However, they should not be combined together because they start competing and distract from the most important piece of what you are designing, the content.

Don't - Mix two fonts that are overly similar.

We said before that you could combine two "styles" of the same font, so why can't you combine two fonts that are very similar? The answer is the lack of contrast is unappealing to the eye of the viewer.

Need help deciding if two fonts work together? Send me a quick email at I'd love to help!



P.S. For the understanding of today's topic we referred to everything as a "font" stay tuned to discover the difference between a FONT and a TYPEFACE.

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