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"Effects" in Canva

The "Effects" tab in Canva is a great way to bring a little extra sparkle to your designs. Users beware don't go too heavy-handed. Using ALL of the effects together is not the way to go. Instead, use them sparingly for an extra pop in your design!

You will find the "Effects" tab on the top toolbar of your Canva workspace AFTER you have selected a piece of text to edit. Sometimes it will be hidden under the three dots. Once you click the "Effects" button more options will appear on the left of your screen.

My favorite effects would have to be 'Neon' and 'Shadow" because they are the most customizable. You can change the color of your 'shadow' effect to coordinate with your brand, as well as set the offset, direction, blur, and transparency. Simply modifying these settings will help your design stand out compared to others in the endless flow of information.

The 'Neon' effect is also great for a fun pop if it aligns with your branding. Pro tip: Try increasing the intensity slider to boost legibility.

Let's chat! Were you already using Canva effects? Did you have no idea they even existed? Which effect are you most excited to try on your next design project?



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