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Canva Tips #1

Tidy your posts & Copy Styles!


Are you using Canva in your business? ✨💕

If not you should be! Canva is free graphic design software that is easy to use! There is a Pro option available, but the free version is all you need to get started.

In the coming weeks, I am going to share some Canva tips from the POV of a graphic designer. No, you don't have to be a pro to do graphic design, but if you are feeling overwhelmed let's set up a coffee chat and talk through your troubles!

This week we are talking about two basic tools that soooooo many people overlook while using Canva.

First - The "Position" tab allows you to tidy up your design by aligning things to the left, right, center, middle, top, or bottom! This is extremely useful when it comes to creating a clean design that is free of little mistakes.

Second - The "Copy Styles" tool. This tool looks like a little paint roller and is hidden under the three dots in the toolbar. Have you ever been creating a multipage document when suddenly you realize you want to use a different color and font for the heading on every page? Worry no more! With this tool, you don't need to individually change the header on EACH page, but instead, you can change page 1. Click "Copy Style" and then click each heading you want to want to update.

Voila! ✨

You just saved yourself so much time! 💕

Hope that was helpful! Stay tuned for more Canva tips and tricks!



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