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Disney Predicted the Future?

I’m not sure how many of you remember the 2008 Disney movie Wall – E. I’ll admit as a kid Wall – E was not my favorite movie. I thought it was BOR-ing! However, re-watching it as an adult has made me realize Disney was making a really powerful statement and we should be talking about it!

In Wall – E the earth has been abandoned because humans killed the planet (… Ummm hello 2050 is that you?) and all of the humans are living on what is essentially a modern-day cruise ship, but in space. All of the people are so addicted to the screen in front of them that they don’t notice what is going on around them. (Everyone on their smartphones in 2020?) Wall-E is a robot, who is living on earth and “trying” to clean up the earth by compacting all of the waste into cubes. While he works, he collects items he likes and keeps them in his home. Wall - E and has a pet cockroach appear to be the last forms of "life" on earth. I’ll leave you there, so I don’t spoil it - Since you’ll probably log in to Disney+ later to watch it yourself!

I'm a crier ... I’m a TOTAL crier ... movies, commercials, books, songs, life… you name it, I’m crying. But watching Wall – E tugged on a different heartstring than the typical “I’m sensitive” one that causes me to cry when watching movies. Wall – E made me feel a call to action. It created a feeling in me, “this really could happen”.

Maybe we won’t live in space, driving around on chairs, but we might kill our planet.

If you haven’t watched Wall – E since 2008 when it came out, I encourage you to give it a watch. Analyze it with the knowledge that you have about plastic, the Australian bushfires, garbage in oceans, and global warming. Maybe you aren’t a “tree hugger” and that’s okay! But maybe you will be moved to take one little action today that will create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Chat soon!

Love Always,


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