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Hello friends,

I hope you are holding up! Today I’ve only come in contact with 2 other people, but I got out of the house by taking a nice 3 mile walk!

Looking for something to watch to keep yourself from going crazy? Check out these online content creators!

- This Canadian couple are van lifers and business owners. They share their van life adventures through vlogs. Currently, they are living in their van in Morocco.

- Caitlin, a Canadian girl boss, makes videos on a variety of topics. Bullet Journaling, Reading recommendations, Food, Coffee, Day in the Life Vlogs, and much much more.

- Annabel is an art student from California. Her videos follow her creative process and adorable cats. The aesthetics of her vlogs are a true inspiration to me!

- Shameless plug! I’m working on editing a thrift shopping vlog currently. However, all of my study abroad vlogs are live on my channel now and they are sure to make you smile!

Chat soon! Love always,



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