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The First Weekend Trip

The journey began at 6 am. We had to leave the house by 7 am for our 37 minute walk to begin the adventure to Cinque Terre. At 8:02 we arrived. The directions on our itinerary said 8 am sharp, so the anxious monster inside of me panicked as we arrived 2 minutes after the "SHARP" deadline. After checking in we preceded to wait 20 minutes for the rest of the stragglers to arrived and my anxious monster settled.

When we arrived in Cinque Terre the air was humid and thick, but the 90 degree heat felt lovely! We unloaded our bags into our hotel room and again waited for the stragglers to arrive for our "SHARP" deadline.

We left another 20 mins late.

On the fourth train stop we arrived in Manarola. The narrow street was filled with tourists and lined with brightly colored buildings.

We made our way through the crowd toward the coast and were greeted with the bluest water and jagged cliffs, complete with rebels jumping off into the water. When we turned around we could see the view of all the buildings living on the edge of the coast behind us. It was breath taking, so of course we posed for a few pictures.

The view of the city was breath taking. We enjoyed the small amount of time we had there people watching and giggling as everyone posed for the exact same pictures we took our selves.

Next, we road a ferry to Monterosso where we sat on the beach and bathed in the sun. Eventually, we made our way back to Lenvato.

The next day we returned to the beach, which was much sandier and less crowded than Monterosso.

At 9:30 am I went for a solo swim in the ocean and floated around for about an hour.

As I floated I thought about how thankful I am for this journey. It still doesn't feel real, but the more I share my experiences, the more real it feels.

A few more photos of the city.

Chat soon!




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