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Ciao, from Firenze!

It's my sixteenth day in Italy and I am a little embarrassed that this is the first time I am writing to you. Honestly, most days I cant believe that this is real life. It feels like tomorrow I will wake up in my bed at home and be back in the mundane cycle of driving to school, or going to work.

Instead, I wake up in my tiny bed in the house of a nice family in a foreign country and breath ... because this is really happening. For anyone reading who doesn't know I chose the homestay option for my 3 and a half month stay in Italy. Safe to say I made one of the best decisions of my life. Marias motherly nature has soothed my culture shock and homesickness immensely. Not to mention her home cooked meals are AMAZING.

It's hard to believe that we still have 90 days until we leave for home.

But you know what they say...

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Chat soon!



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